Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photos of the solar project from beginning to completion

 Taking panels out of boxes under the veranda.

Mounting of brackets to panels to mount to roof.

Drilled then silicon for water proofing then attach Timbertek roof screws for fastening

Running of the cables from the solar panels to junction box and off roof. Which connects with cable coming up from solar controller.



Finished result of mounting to roof and completed wiring.

Wiring up and installing the battery bank in classroom to increase the storage capacity.

 Above: Finished battery bank 24v for solar panels and other forms connection. Also a 12v circuit for a 12v wind generator.

Above: This is the local busbar for incoming sources to connect before going through the controller.

Above: Finished look on a nice frosty morning and can also see wind turbine which connects to the 12v battery bank.

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