Sunday, September 21, 2014

Resources of batteries used the as/nzs standard for stand alone systems and mounting upgrade.

Here is a full breakdown on the batteries. We have used as our battery bank. Includes charge cycles, discharge curves and more.

Her is the an/nzs standard for stand alone systems. Includes information on off the grid and tied to grid systems.

Here is a possible upgrade for mounting to the roof.

Roof Bracket - Corrugated

To fix the roof-mounted system onto a corrugated roof. The interlocking bolt is pre-fitted to the roof bracket with washer and M8 nut. The position of the roof rafters must be taken into account when fixing.
Stainless steel interlocking bolt

Stainless steel roof anchors

High mechanical load-bearing capacity

Easy to align mounting rails

Weight 0.73kg
Supplied with:
2 roof brackets

2 interlocking bolts

2 washers

2 M8 nuts

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